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Multiquadrant Industrial Controls (i) Pvt. Ltd. has diversified its Business Areas form Power electronics to every quadrant of Manufacturing / Industrial Automation system and continues to expand its horizons..


We are a planet with an unending thirst for energy. At MICIPL we acknowledge the need to develop newer energy sources while ensuring that we maintain a balance with the environment.

At MICIPL we are developing solutions to make generation and distribution of conventional and clean sources of energy more efficient. Smart Grids and power distribution systems that can monitor load and take intelligent decisions to manage the loads efficiently. It shall also have the capability to manage your energy sources effectively so as to maximize the use of clean sources of energy.

We at MICIPL have developed and deployed many smart energy monitoring and load management systems which have helped our clients analyze their energy needs and wastage areas and thereby optimize their processes. We continue to partner with pioneers of solar and wind generation systems to push the envelope in clean energy technology so that we can help make this world a better place for our future generations.

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