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Multiquadrant Industrial Controls (i) Pvt. Ltd. has diversified its Business Areas form Power electronics to every quadrant of Manufacturing / Industrial Automation system and continues to expand its horizons..

Manufacturing Execution Systems [MR.MES]






Decade or so, connectivity of front-end automation systems like Variable speed Drives and PLCs with PCs has been well established. It is now possible to use the real-time status information (of the process being controlled) for process visualization, supervisory control; process parameter saving and archiving, statistical process parameter analysis; higher level MIS systems etc

The SCADA solutions from this team now push the boundaries of conventional systems to go beyond mere process observation. With the help of our collaborators at Responsive Automation we have developed a solution to unify all your manufacturing, process, and energy management systems unified with your SCM and ERP modules to give you a unified interface for your plant. Multi-Responsive Manufacturing Execution Systems (MR.MES) will enable you to have an unprecedented visibility of your manufacturing and business processes.

With tools for Downtime analysis, root cause analysis, performance trends as per defined KPIyou will be empowered to reduce wastage, improve production, oversee processes, and take timely and well informed decisions.

MR.MES is designed to work with instrumentation of any make, model, and family thus eliminating the need to upgrade or standardize your Instrumentation thus reducing the initial investment for implementation of this system. MR.MES can be customized to utilize your existing IT/ERP infrastructure thereby making it a seamless transition to the MES solution.

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